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MITRA : Migrations Transnationales


Master MITRA: « Transnational Migrations »

The MITRA Master's degree is a bilingual (French and English) interdisciplinary master's degree in Human and Social Sciences, devoted to the study of migratory phenomena on an international scale and their impacts on contemporary societies.
MITRA trains researchers specialising in migration phenomena (pursuing doctoral studies), public policy analysts in the field of migration and integration (experts in international or territorial organisations) and intercultural mediation practitioners with associative projects.
MITRA is both a professionalizing master's degree and a research training master's degree. It is designed according to a double logic: alternating study territories in Europe and outside Europe, and alternating between academic learning and field work.

It is conceived under the scientific expertise consortia of 10 European and non-European universities:

*This list might undergo modifications.

Depending on the training courses, the consortium awards students a double or triple MA diploma.